A Father, A Boy, and A Baseball

19420716_10155549876074180_5738259942869982332_nSome of my earliest memories involve baseball. I remember my dad getting me a plastic bat and ball at a very young age and teaching me to swing for the fences like The Great Bambino. With that early love of baseball came a love of the Cleveland Indians as well.

If you know me at all you know that my life to some degree revolves around baseball, more specifically the Cleveland Indians. I have this belief that my fandom somehow has magical powers ala Angels in The Outfield and can help the players perform at their peak. Though to be fair if you saw me during Game 7 of the 2016 World Series you would have sworn the Indians would have beaten the Cubs.

Just the same, learning about baseball and how to play the game will always remain one of my favorite memories of my dad. I have fond memories of us listening to a game while barbequing on the grill outside. It doesnt quite get a better combo than that. It’s a bond we will always share and it’s one that if I ever have kids I will be sure to pass on to them as well.

Of course, our shared love of the Indians throughout my childhood has led to another bond of sorts, a love for the team’s radio man, Tom Hamilton. Though I’ve never met him by listening to him for over 20 years I feel like I know him so well, a though I’m sure many Cleveland Indians fans share.

He’s taught me so much more than just baseball, he’s given me life lessons. His children are most certainly lucky to have him as a dad, but he feels like family to me too. Perhaps an uncle maybe, yes, I think Uncle Tom has a nice ring to it.

It’s funny really how much I owe to baseball. It’s given an everlasting well of memories to share with my dad, a passion to root for in the Cleveland Indians, a wise legendary figure in Tom Hamilton, and even if only for a brief while an athletic career.


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