Dear Cleveland Indians

Dear Cleveland Indians,

It wasn’t the ending we wanted, there were certainly tears shed. But I think we can all at least take solace in the fact that you played the one of the best World Series in baseball history. Of course, it also helps I think that it was the Cubs who won in the end, a team that waited their own excruciating 108 years for another championship.

I want to say thank you Cleveland Indians because this season was the most thrilling one in my lifetime as a fan. While my emotions went from 0-60 several times over during the season, especially in World Series, I did in fact survive, and I am truly grateful for a team that can produce so much excitement that I became lost for words.

This team is the definition of heart, hustle, teamwork and many other feel-good terms that I could rattle off. They put together a remarkable season even when many counted them out and for that I am forever grateful.

Perhaps the greatest part of all from this season, however, was the personal experiences that came out of it. The Indians have played in 3 World Series since I came into this world but this was the first I was truly able to understand baseball and to have that opportunity with my dad was an awesome experience. I think it’s safe to say you could tell we were father and son in those moments.

I was able to experience games in-person with amazing people, both those I knew and random strangers. One of my favorite moments was when my favorite person in the world started catching on to how baseball works.

Then there was the memorable times watching the game at the bar when you were able to create camaraderie with every other person in the bar like you were life-long friends even though you just met.

Of course there was also the chance I had this summer to teach my goddaughter how to hit a baseball. While that isn’t directly related to the season it was a flashback to how my dad taught me to play after I had started falling in love with the Cleveland Indians and baseball early in my life. So it’s all connected.

This is what the Cleveland Indians mean to me and while it didn’t end with a World Series Championship, the boys from the corner of Carnegie and Ontario are and always will be my champions.

Yours Truly,

Lifelong Cleveland Indians fan


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