Please Welcome Adelie Ink

13322114_945240142259146_8466130425317493786_nMany of you who have stuck around long enough to read this blog have probably realized by now that I’m kind of a nerd, I use this term in the most endearing way, of course. As a nerd, loving to read comes with the territory and with enough schooling I’ve learned to love writing as well. Couple those with my love of learning and what comes next makes next.

Not too long ago, a fellow bookworm and much more talented writer, and myself joined forces to create Adelie Ink. With our combination of 5 college degrees, we felt we could help make a positive difference and assist students of all ages with researching, writing, and editing. Luckily, since we live in the Digital Age, we can even help writers from all over!

Perhaps the best part of the whole process is being able to read other people’s writing about all sorts of unique topics. You get to learn a lot while working and who wouldn’t love that!

As for how we can help, we can assist with researching, writing, editing, and even tutoring if it’s needed. We can help with all sorts of projects from book projects, thesis or dissertation, college or scholarship applications, and just about any sort of writing. So whether you’re a high school senior working on those college applications or a PhD student working on a dissertation, we’d love to help you find the exact words you want to say.

Our business works best through referrals though so we ask that you take a moment to share our social media pages with any friends or family that you think might need our help. You can find us on Facebook Adelie Ink on Facebook and our personal website Adelie Ink Website!

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully encountering some great pieces of writing!




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