The Decision

I recently had a job interview for a position that I wasn’t exactly in love with. It did have some interesting parts to it, especially since it did hold some promise for getting me that all too important “work experience” that is required for any professional job. I wasn’t sure if I’d take the position, especially since there was no guarantee of getting hired. But then they emailed the next day and offered me the position. At first reaction, I was excited I was employable after all! Afterwards, I thought about the first person I wanted to tell about the possibility but then I realized…if I took the position the person I so badly wanted to tell first would be affected as it would postpone our ability to continue our forward motion in our relationship. I have full faith we’d still get to where we are going but just on a longer plan.

Here’s where I think I learned two valuable lessons in life growth: first off, life decisions are never easy but when the decisions are easy it’s pretty clear you know what you want; and second, if you really want something career wise there are other ways to get there. And it was these realizations that made me realize while this position had its benefits, I was darn sure I could find another way into my dream career. I was certain of this, probably more so than I have been about anything careerwise this far. The other thing I realized is how passionate I am about that first person I thought about telling upon getting offered the job.

The prospect of moving forward in the relationship was far more exciting than the job offer and it was that career development I want to focus on more than getting that “work experience”. I’ll get where I want to be career wise I have no doubt, what’s more important is having that person in my life nearby that I want to share those exciting career developments with. I kinda sorta definitely know what I’m doing here and that’s perhaps the most exciting development life wise in this entire experience.

Perhaps part of growing up is being able to focus on both your career and personal development, so if that’s a sign of adulthood maybe I’m finally reaching it.


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