Find Your Americana

So many of the great writers penned some amazing  works detailing their travels. It seems there’s something about meandering about here and there that has a direct effect on someone’s writing. While I’m not sure if my travels have given me the inspiration to write the next great American novel, they have at least inspired a blog post.

Whenever I get ready to plan a long trip, people always encourage me to take the toll roads because they make the ride quicker and easier. While this may be true, I much prefer the ore scenic drive  you find taking the alternative route. There’s something about seeing the places of America pass by under the backdrop of their natural surroundings that stirs feelings of something I can’t describe better than feeling Americana.

267854_10150312292879180_7904414_nI love driving through small towns and imagining a story for the town according to what I can see from the car. I’ve crafted many a good story on my drives so maybe there will be a book in me yet. Until then what I can tell you is it’s a freeing experience to explore these random places along the drive. Perhaps, the best part is when you see people outside and they catch a view of your plates to see their reactions about how far you might have come to be there.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on a specific moment from my recent trip of when I pulled over at a rest stop to take a break. It was nearing sunset and I’m not sure there are many sunsets that can rival the ones you can see over the hills in Pennsylvania. It can almost give you an understanding of why William Penn chose the area to create his ideal colony. In that moment though as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn’t help but think about the person I would have loved to have with me at that moment. Some of you who actually read the stuff I write may have read a previous post I wrote about this fantastic woman in my life so you might have an idea of what I’m rambling about. But it felt like the perfect moment to share with her, especially since she has a knack for saying things at just the right time and it figured to be one of those perfect moments.

There is no doubt there are some compelling reasons to take the time to travel by yourself as many of those great American writers I mentioned earlier I’m sure wrote about. But to be honest, what’s in a moment if you have only yourself to share it with. I think it’s safe to say there are perfect trips for both occasions and what better reason do we need to travel!

What I can say for certain is on your next trip take some time to find your Americana on the road. Perhaps it’s in a small sea-side town that hearkens to a Thomas Kinkade painting or maybe it’s a town that appears like it hasn’t changed since the 1950s. Whatever your identity of Americana may feel like, I encourage you to take the more scenic route to your destination in hopes maybe you find yours.



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