Crafting Your Way to Vacation

We all have ambitious daydreams of all sorts of traveling adventures we want to embark on someday. The problem in many cases is saving money to afford these travels.

I know that’s always been my problem, planning ahead. For instance, I had a chance to study abroad in England and I didn’t plan ahead, and, of course, I’m kicking myself all these years later because of it.

Until recently, I always had these grand ideas of saving money in a bank account for travels and such. Luckily, I stumbled upon a better more crafty way to do this, and all you need is a large mason jar and some simple math skills.

The first step is to purchase a large crafting mason jar. It may seem awkward at first,  but I promise you’ll want the large storage capacity.

Once you purchase your jar, feel free to decorate it with whatever trip you want to plan for, the visual cues will help as the weeks go on.  A great way to do this is to spray the outside of the jar with chalkboard spray paint. This allows you to be creative in your drawing to depict your dream vacation and gives you a way to keep track what week you’re on in the savings! While, I’m not exactly artistic, as you can see in my depiction of Hawaii, I’m sure even a simple depiction on your jar with your destination will be a great motivator.


Don’t mind my not so great art skills.

After this comes the tricky part, the math.

I am by no means great at math, but I was able to sit down and figure out these simple numbers to prove the success of the travel jar. The basic plan is to place $1 in the jar for the first week of the year and then once a week for the remainder of the year deposit money that is equal to that week it is in the year (ie. week 1=$1…week 10=$10).  What this year-long savings plan amounts to is $1,378, that amounts to a lot of travel money!

The best part about this is, at least in the early weeks, is it doesn’t seem like an incredible amount of money to save. Of course, depending on how much money you need for your trip you can adjust the travel jar savings plan however you like.

The beauty of this whole thing is just how simple it is, but even with its simplicity it’s effective. Not to mention it’s creative and who doesn’t want to save creatively!


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