Coloring in the lines

I wish I was artsy.  I’ve never been a good musician, I really don’t have an eye for photography, I can’t paint or draw, and I’m not very crafty.

I have great ideas for artsy things, but they never make it anywhere mostly because even if I tried people would probably ask what happened to it. I never evolved from stick figures if I’m honest, and caveman drawings are probably better than what I can put together.

I could argue I do have one artistic skill, writing, but I’m not sure what I do is writing really, it’s more like rambling. Though if there are at least a few of you reading this then I feel accomplished!

The other day I tried my hand at a coloring book for the first time in years…I still can’t color in the lines, but it was still fun so that’s something! Colors are fun and I have a vivid imagination so it’s at least a great way to get some creativity out. I guess what I’ve come to figure out is even if I’m not artsy it still feels fun to try.

For those of us who are artistically challenged adult coloring books are a thing and still just as much fun as they were when we were kids! I imagine the majority of you can at least manage to color in the lines.

I’m sure countless artists of all different mediums had their humble beginnings where their work wasn’t great. Though I don’t personally know him, I doubt Michaelangelo carved his masterpiece on his first go around. So maybe there is still hope for me. My latest lead for being artsy is becoming a knitting graffiti artist, and yes it is a real thing!

Of course, I’ll keep writing because I’m sure you’d be desperately lost without a new collection of my ramblings every now again to read.



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