More Typewriter Please

As a person who writes I should value all mediums of writing and I do. Paper and pencil is what we all grew up on, but my handwriting is some kind of mess so I don’t often opt for that. Of course, there is the most common method used now, the computer, which is simple, fast, and clean.

Up until around the 7th grade I did all my writing assignments by hand though for a brief moment I used a typewriter. Since being introduced to the computer, yes, I grew up in an old-fashioned household where I didn’t have a computer until then,  I have predominantly used computers. At least until recently because I’ve decided to embrace the typewriter again.

A typewriter is kind of like the perfect middle ground between handwriting and writing on a computer. It allows writing to be cleaner and maybe even a little faster while it also allows you to be portable without having to worry about electricity. Perhaps more so than any of these, I think writing on a typewriter somehow makes the writing more deliberate.

Every keystroke makes a sound as it strikes the paper and I think it is this action that makes the act of writing on a typewriter a more involved experience. You can’t delete a typo or fix a mistake so you have to be more careful of what you write and perhaps that’s what makes it a more intimate writing experience.

While writing with a typewriter may not be the most practical method, I think it’s definitely something I will continue to enjoy doing. Who knows maybe I’ll write the next great American novel via this typewriter or I might just write some really awesome letters! That brings up another thing, I miss writing and receiving letters, so maybe I’ll start doing more of that too.



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