Hakuna Matata

I like Disney movies and they tend to leave you with a positive moral of the story plus several catchy tunes along the way. The other day I rewatched The Lion King for the first time in years and while I love the song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is by far my favorite song from the film, Hakuna Matata I think has a lot of real world translation.

Change is inevitable but it makes us nervous because we constantly run through different scenarios in our heads knowing full well, we really don’t know what will happen down the road. Sure, we can initiate the change and other changes are beyond our control, but either way we must deal with change on a regular basis so I think with that in mind the phrase Hakuna Matata (it means no worries for the rest of your days) really is an anthem I try to remind myself of regularly.

Some of the more recent changes in my life include trying sushi and actually getting to the point where I look forward to having it (who would have ever thought that would happen), eating a vegetarian meal and not dying; color me surprised, eating more vegetables, learning to run regularly, attempting to do yoga even though I’m about as flexible as The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, and just for good measure I threw a career change in there too.

Along with the wonderful tandem of Timon and Pumba giving me an anthem to help handle change, there’s another tool that I feel I neglected for so long that I need to practice using again to really get the hang of change, my faith.  As a christian, I was taught many times over to not worry and put my trust and faith in God. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done in many cases, but I think I am slowly getting better and better at “letting go and let God”.  It seems every time I do I feel infinitesimally better and things always seem to work out, so I keep trying to tell myself why worry.

So in conclusion with some faith and several screenings of The Lion King, hopefully, you can greet change with open arms. Oh and plenty of laughter helps too.


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