A Geographical Defense of Baseball

I know I’ve written about baseball before but I think I finally found a new angle that really solidifies baseball truly as America’s pastime. That angle is looking at baseball geographically across the United States.

Sure, football will reign supreme and television ratings and attendance, though the later is because the stadiums are much bigger, but when I started thinking about it there’s far more professional baseball teams out there than football. And yes, I’m sure many of these professional baseball teams have low attendance numbers but the fact that all these teams can be supported is a success in it’s own right!Capture

With that I present a map of the United States with all the professional baseball teams mapped on it. As you can see, almost every state save Alaska, Hawaii, and Wyoming have a professional baseball team. Several states support several professional teams, that in itself is a pretty telling sign of the staying power of baseball.

In total there are 279 professional baseball teams in the United States. You’re probably thinking I didn’t know there was anything beyond the teams of Major League Baseball but there is the plethora of Minor League Baseball teams across the country and there is an additional eight independent professional baseball leagues as well. So baseball really is alive and well.

This geographical explanation is the crux of my argument, because there isn’t another professional sport that can sustain that many franchises in the country. So while football may appear to be America’s darling on the national stage, in the end baseball is truly America’s pastime as a true national representation of Americana.


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