You, Me, and Anxiety

Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.

Everybody makes mistakes that what makes us human, but it’s how we respond after realizing the mistake we made that shows our true colors.

This is a message my friends and family have been hammering home to me for the last few months. Unfortunately, with the onset of anxiety it is sometimes very hard to make these realizations. Luckily for me, the close people in my life never gave up and I think that made all the difference.

The first step in learning to overcome anxiety was to realize that I wasn’t alone and that there are others out there who deal with it. There’s something comforting even in the midst of angst about knowing there are others fighting the good fight with you. And for those of you out there who are dealing with anxiety yourself, I want to let you know I’m here with you too and I hope that helps.

The big turning point for me in handling the anxiety though was the reconnection of my faith with God. My days were going hot and cold for so long before I sat down with my priest and just had a discussion about God and faith. After talking me through everything, he told me the best thing was to do is get outside and spend time with those I love…AND IT WORKS!

I know in a society where “seeing is believing” is so prevalent faith seems hard to do but when I just got out of my own head and prayed for help, it came. It truly is amazing just how much faith helps. But in the end, it was the combination of my family, friends, faith, God, and Love that helped me to make progress.

By no means am I a finished project yet, but I know I’m taking steps forward and each day gets better and better and I’m eternally grateful for that. And I just want everyone to know that if you ever need help, “you’ve got a friend in me.”


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