God is good

The standard on this blog has always been to use it to retell the hilarity of my life and other random musings, and it will continue to do so. I will take a brief departure from that theme though as I feel its necessary to discuss something a little more serious.

I was raised Catholic my whole life and have continued to attend church regularly throughout my life. Though I did these things, there were definite moments when I was just going through the motions, not really registering anything. It took a real shake up in my life to find my center again, but even with my neglect of faith God was there to help guide me through it.

I took the time to get to know my faith again and it truly was amazing. It was astounding just how welcome He was when I just took the time to listen. I started to see things brighter and with more optimism. It was absolutely what I needed and I was grateful to have the opportunity to experience it.

While I made some missteps, through the help of friends, family, and faith I caught my footing and found myself back where I wanted to be. You always read about the power of faith and just how important it is and I think I finally learned just what kind of power faith has. And I am eternally thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It truly is a wonderful life and God is good.


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