Spring Fever, I Feel You

As this daunting winter continues and cabin fever sets in daydreaming starts to really kick into overdrive.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate winter and it’s moments of beauty. There is something magical about watching a fresh snowfall grace the ground. Especially around the holiday season, I truly appreciate the magic of winter.

There is something else oddly peaceful about walking outside during a brisk winter night and hearing pure silence. But as much as I respect winter, I yearn for the warmth of the sun on my skin and grass under my feet.

Last night while listening to water drip in the sink I closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting in the shade of a tree near a stream of water just enjoying nature’s warmth.

The imagination is a powerful thing and it can certainly do wonders to power you through some of the coldest day but at a certain point you can only dream your way so far.

I have no doubt spring fever will be setting in soon as the calendar changes over to March and the season of spring soon approaches. I can already hear the sounds of the warm months. I can visualize the greenery and other plethora of colors that come with it and I can smell the aromas as well.

I’ll be doing a lot of daydreaming in the coming weeks and I can only hope the weather cooperates enough to allow  these dreams to come sooner rather than later. I may in a burst of confusion be seen outside trying to convince old man winter to leave a little sooner. My best strategy is to refuse to wear layers in hopes he takes pity on me and allows an early spring.

Until then, please let’s all think warm thoughts. Maybe they count for something!


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