Accident Prone Gives Thanks for Friends

You can probably guess  judging from the title of this blog that I am an accident prone person. If you follow me on social media you have surely read about many of my misadventures. Mishaps seem to follow me wherever I go. Just recently, I feel out of bed, down the stairs, and in my driveway all in the same day! Luckily, I’m a sturdy fellow so I only had a few bruises to show for all my falling.

Life as an accident prone person isn’t so bad as long as you learn to embrace the chaos that no doubt will ensue. With a good sense of humor, generally hilarity ensues from the accidents you find yourself falling into on a regular basis.

Here’s the one catch with my accident proneness though, it seems to possess a transitive property. (Yes, I still remember some math) When people are with me it’s quite  possible for the misfortune destined for me will befall them as well. In recent times, I have gotten a friend lost in a national park (We had a park ranger call us to make sure we were still alive), missed a flight, got lost in a city looking for the car, had a near death experience in the squat rack at the gym, and fell into a not so shallow pond.

The list could go on but I’d rather not scare anybody else from the possibility of wanting to hang out with me because I swear even with the accident proneness I’m fun!

With that in mind, I’d like to thank all the people who do hang out with me regardless of the accidents that may have befallen them in my company. In every situation, we laughed the misfortune off and to be honest it always makes for a great story.

It takes a brave person to be okay with the possibility that they may get soaked with a wave of water when waiting to cross the street with me, but I’m glad they exist. Some of the most fun moments in my life have been on the heels of an accident and it’s a wonderful feeling to know I have friends to laugh with when they happen.


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