101 Things to do in 1001 Days

I’ve been working on a bucket list for several months now and at the rate I’m going it grows far more than I get to check off so I have a lot of adventuring!

But thanks to Broho Style, you should definitely visit her blog for some great ideas, I caught wind of a great idea that will hopefully jumpstart some of the things I want to accomplish. The idea is a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. It’s a timeframe of under 3 years so it’s enough time to get these things done, but it’s going to take some serious motivation to do so and I’m absolutely ready.

And if you think this is a pretty neat experiment, I encourage to make one of your own and let me know when you do. On a sidenote, it is more challenging than you think to come up with 101 things, but I promise you will get really excited when you do!

So here is the breakdown:

Start: January 15, 2015

End: October 12, 2017

Stay tuned…

1. Go ziplining

2. See the Pacific Ocean

3. Visit 5 new states

4. Run an organized race

5. Get published

6. Visit the Four Corners

7. Travel the Appalachian Trail

8. Start a Roth IRA

9. Do a headstand

10. Go to a yoga class

11. Do a DIY project

12. Go on a camping trip June 3

13. See a music festival

14. Brew beer

15. Visit 10 new cities

16. Visit 3 national parks (2)

17. Take a megabus trip

18. Get back to teaching

19. Attend a baseball game at 3 new baseball stadiums

20. Play soccer

21. Get my passport

22. Develop fashion sense

23. Work as a lumberjack for a day

24. Grow a fantastic beard worthy of the 1800s

25. Start a business June 15

26. Get 50 followers on this blog

27. Take an impromptu road trip

28. Throw a dart at a map and visit where it lands

29. Visit all 88 counties in Ohio (13)

30. See all 5 Great Lakes (1)

31. Climb 5 lighthouses

32. Read 30 books (3)

33. Climb a mountain

34. Find a way to pull off suspenders

35. Attend a masquerade ball

36. Guest write for someone else’s blog

37. Climb a tree

38. Get a hedgehog

39. Learn 3 new skills

40. Do a historical reenactment

41. Pull off the professor look

42. Learn to ice skate

43. Bike to Washington D.C.

44. Bike on 5 new trails (1)

45. Learn a new language

46. Go canoeing/kayaking

47. Experience New Orleans for Mardi Gras

48. Golf a round of 18 holes keeping my score under 10 over par

49. Do a Polar Bear Plunge

50. Try scuba diving

51. Go to a hockey game

52. Ride the Hogwarts Express

53. Make my own butterbeer

54. Watch all 8 Harry Potter films in a week

55. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series

56. Go whitewater rafting

57. Tree swing into water

58. Plan a picnic

59. Grow a tree from a seed

60. Visit 5 places of historical significance (1)

61. Write a letter to 10 people

62. Go to the state fair

63. Retake the GRE

64. Try glass blowing

65. Go to a flea market

66. Buy a typewriter

67. Take a selfie with a T-Rex

68. Visit Baseball Hall of Fame

69. Go spelunking

70. Build a model volcano

71. Ride a train

72. Learn to dance

73. Walk through a waterfall

74. Go geocaching

75. See the Northern Lights

76. Give somebody flowers

77. Bury a time capsule

78. Start donating blood again

79. Learn to drive stick shift

80. Participate in an underwear bike ride

81. Build an igloo

82. Be a tour guide

83. Finish my “Before I die” bucket list

84. Go back to college for my third degree

85. Try 5 new foods

86. Do something that terrifies me

87. Bike 50 miles in one day

88. Take a week off social media

89. Spend an entire day, from dawn til dusk, in a park

90. Ride a horse

91. See playoff baseball in Cleveland

92. Plan an international trip

93. Invest in stock

94. Do something incredibly romantic

95. Spend the entire day in a library reading

96. Go shipwreck diving in Lake Erie

97. Pay it Forward

98. Win a game of bar trivia

99. Sleep under the stars

100. Sleep in a blanket fort

101. Deposit $5 in my Roth IRA for every item on this list I complete


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