2015 Resolutions: Cheers to You

The start of a new year is always preceded by our reminiscing of the previous year’s activities. A few years ago I took part in the blogger’s tradition of recapping their year in a post and I did this once in 2011. I have since slacked off for the years 2012 and 2013 but lucky for you I’ve decided to make this a “Best Of” post to catch you up.


This was the year I saw two best friends get married. It was the year I got into the best shape of my life and learned to maintain it. It was the year I was given the opportunity to teach and truly fell in love with the job. It was the year I finally learned to embrace my writing.


This was the year I finally started to learn how to dress, though my level of fashion sense is still far from passable! It was the year I started work on a labor of love, thesissaurus.  It was also the year I was able to witness playoff baseball in Cleveland. And I ended the year, in downtown Cleveland, celebrating new years in the city I love even in the midst of freezing temps and a blizzard.

2011 contained a lot of excitement: my college graduation, my acceptance into grad school,  and a year worth of traveling. So it was a hard act to follow and I think that’s reflected in how short the recaps of 2012 and 2013 are. Here’s the thing though, 2012 and 2013 did so much to build up my narrative.

There wasn’t anything flashy but everything I did those two years helped to set up for what was to come and a lot of that came in 2014.


This was the year my thesis was published.  It was the year I graduated with my master’s degree. I biked over 1000 miles for the second consecutive year. I came up with great ideas like a bakery/ brewery establishment. (still working out how to make that happen) I finally started working on a bucket list which will appear in a post soon. It was the year I finally made it to a Cleveland Indians opening day. I had the opportunity to work a job that allowed me to socialize with people from all walks of life and gained a lot of insight in the process. I landed a full-time job in my field and perhaps the most surprising development of all, I learned that a girl can still like me even with my awkwardness and tendency to be accident-prone.

Looking ahead to 2015 I’m really excited to see my plot really thicken. I have plans to finally end my 3-year hiatus from traveling and take at least one, but hopefully more, trips this year. I hope to continue to maintain and build the wonderful relationships I have with family and friends. I hope I get the chance to further develop my career and get the opportunity to truly make the differences I aspire to make.

Luckily, a year is 365 days long so I feel confident I can reach these goals. Here’s hoping for a most excellent 2015!


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