5 Reasons Why Dinosaurs Are Awesome

I think everybody can agree that dinosaurs are awesome, well at least we should. But if there is any debate I have a pretty good list of reasons below that should lay any doubt to rest.

My love for dinosaurs is directly related to the fact that the first movie I ever saw in theaters was Jurassic Park. They captivated my imagination as a child and never let go.

1) Their Size

Just on the merit of their sheer size dinosaurs are pretty spectacular. If you’ve never been to a natural history museum and had the opportunity to stand next to a dinosaur I encourage you to do so. There’s a good a chance you let out a resounding “whoa” when you do.

2) Even with feathers they are still pretty terrifying in the coolest way possible

More and more scientists are discovering that many of the dinosaurs had feathers, which would correlate since they are related to birds. (Sidenote: if dinosaurs are birds does that mean dinosaurs are still everywhere?) Some would argue that covering a T-Rex in feathers would make it less frightening, but I challenge you to use your imagination and think if a T-Rex with feathers was coming after you, would you laugh?

3) The study of dinosaurs has a really awesome name

Scientists who study dinosaurs are known as paleontologists.  The word just sounds like something really important. If you introduced yourself as a paleontologist at a party just think of the response that would get.

4) Dinosaur names and variety

Dinosaur names are just of all kinds of awesome to go along with all the unique species. Some examples: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, or Dilophosaurus. I could probably go on for pages, but I’ll let you pick up a dinosaur book and read for yourself!

5) They can captivate the imagination in numerous ways

Truthfully, dinosaurs are just a wealth of information for your imagination in every way imaginable. They are awe-inspiring, terrifying, educational, entertaining, fun, and can even be cute in the right light.

And so I ask you, what’s not to like about dinosaurs?


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