Remember that Awkward Moment

We all have our quirks, it’s what makes us human, but for some of us those quirks can be a little more troublesome than others.

I for instance suffer from the wonderfully named “foot in mouth syndrome”. You know that bit where you can be having a great conversation and then all of a sudden just say something completely stupid and then continue to unravel from there. Once I start I tend to dig myself a pretty deep hole. It’s sort of an adventure, if you like those embarrassing sort of things.

Even with how awkward that can get though there are people out there who will just laugh with you when you’re about sink. These are special people in your life, because even when things get awkward they are there to help you laugh your way out of it.

These people are your kindred spirits, the people who will gladly share in your awkwardness. And trust me, we all have our awkward moments so these kindred spirits are welcome  indeed.

And here’s the great thing about it, when you meet one of these kindred spirits you’ll know because even if you’re all kinds of awkward they won’t walk away!

This has somewhat of a learning process for me because as the title of my blog says I am accident prone and with said territory comes awkward moments.You know that Zac Efron movie, That Awkward Moment, I felt really connected to that movie.

Sure, sometimes those awkward moments might get me in some trouble but I’ve found recently that it often works better to just embrace the chaos.

Oh, and I often do leave rather interesting first impressions, but if you stick around a little longer I generally become a pretty awesome person to know. I have quite a few great stories to tell!

So be silly together because why not. Chances are those are the moments you’ll replay when you having a rough day at work.

It’s kind of like embracing your childhood no matter how old you get. Like for instance, when you’re both grown adults you’re both completely on board with playing with Legos.

So when they suggest let’s build a dinosaur with Legos, you should definitely give it a shot. And as you can see some real magic can be done with a bit of imagination! So  just have fun in life. Don’t worry about the awkwardness because in the end, the best people in your life will be just as awkward as you.


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