One Last Life Lesson from Professor Ted Mosby

I recently finished the final season of How I Met Your Mother and it contained so many feels it had me crying. (Yes, it is okay for a grown man to cry) It really is remarkable how much you connect to a TV show after 9 years but when the final credits rolled showing all the characters from the first season it really hits you just how much has changed. In turn, it causes you to reflect on how much you’ve changed while watching the show.

What really hit me though is the immense amount of love the characters had for their significant others. After waiting 8 years to finally meet the mother and then watching how the relationship with Ted and his wife evolved, I guess that is what one would call true love. Granted, this is television but this idea of true love exists in real life too.

The thing is I have always wondered how you know when you have found that head over heels true love. I know plenty of people who have found it but when I ask they always say, “You just know.” That response just boggles my mind because how do you “just know”?

Granted my dating experience has not been all that great. Apart from my first relationship that lasted 2 years, though the jury is out if you can even call it a relationship, I haven’t had all that much success. Mostly it’s just been a series of first dates that don’t go anywhere because I’m cursed. However, all curses have to end eventually, right? In fact, it is looking as if this curse may already be past tense!

While I’m still not exactly sure how one knows you’re in love I do believe in it and I’m guessing when I finally figure it out it’s going to be the mother of all epiphanies. I’ve been knocked off my feet by realizations in the past but this one will probably put me down for the count, in a good way of course.

Perhaps, my favorite quote from How I Met Your Mother is when Ted says, “Love is the best thing we do.” And that just resounded with me in such a profound way. To say that is the most amazing thing one can accomplish in their lifetime gives so much emphasis to something so hard to explain.

In my quest to find true love, I must be careful not to rationalize with myself to find it where perhaps it isn’t. Ted ran into so many almosts throughout the show but in each case, a rationalization brought him back on the path to find the yellow umbrella. I have heard love is not rational so clearly rationalizing would do me no good when I do find my girl with the yellow umbrella.

Now it may be crazy to draw all this from a television show but I think it’s not so far-fetched when you consider the themes from How I Met Your Mother. Tell me, those of you who watched the show, that you didn’t take away a few life lessons from it’s episodes.

While the story of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and the mother are over as I stand in my mid 20s, I am just now approaching their age from when the show started and somehow that timing feels perfect.

Therefore, I am expecting plenty of Legen- wait for it- dary moments to come and the hope that if I have not met my girl with the yellow umbrella yet that she comes around soon and I’m just crazy enough to talk to her.


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