Sibling Love in its Truest Form

Yesterday, I drove my sister back to school to start her sophomore year of college. For all the fighting and just general dislike we have for each other, I couldn’t help but be a little sad at the cargo I’d be leaving behind once I made my return trip home.

As an aside, normally I would not write this because I can’t lead on to her that I am fond of the little one. Nevertheless, since she thinks I am not cool enough to be friends with her via social media, the odds of her reading this are slim so here we go!

It was just a few days before taking her back when she really surprised me. The previous Saturday I had my graduate school commencement. She had been forced to attend my high school and undergraduate commencement so I did not expect her to make it this one. And she didn’t though I never asked if it was because she worked or just a general disinterest. Funny thing though, when I returned home later that night, I found a card on my pillow.

I opened the card to find it was from her congratulating me with some powerful words to encourage me in my future endeavors. That is when it hit me, through all of our bickering, she actually really cares for me, and that gave me warm fuzzy feelings that I wasn’t exactly sure what do with.

It also made me feel bad because I cannot even remember the reason I did not attend her high school commencement last summer so sign me up for the bad big brother award.

Though, I may complain about her a lot I’m really proud of everything she has done. She’s really resourceful for a 19-year-old! She could probably write circles around me for one thing. My guess is if there is ever anybody famous in our family; my bet would be on her. Let me tell you, if she would let me, I’d definitely give her a hug.

All this culminated in a strange thing that happened on the way back to her college though. For a brief amount of time, we bonded. We talked like two old friends and shared a connection over the music on the radio. I even sang along to the music, which is kind of a big deal since I cannot sing well or at all for that matter.

It gave me a revelation though in what it means to be siblings. When it comes down to it, whether you are best friends with your sibling or not, that fighting is evidence of sibling love. To be able to fight with somebody over trivial things, like who finished the last of the milk, I think says it all.

It is going to be a challenge missing those opportunities to fight over those trivial things, but I guess that just means I’ll have to take my talents to her college campus. I am sure in no time we will lovingly bicker over something.


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