When All Else Fails….Just Laugh

Have you ever read something you agreed with on every level and then somehow completely let the entire content of the reading slip out of your mind?
Recently, a friend wrote a blog post about how important it is to laugh and I wholeheartedly agreed with everything she said. Somehow, when bad news came down the pipe this week: all my PhD applications were turned down and my big break at a big boy job did not pan out, I forgot to do what comes naturally to me, laugh.
In fact, I did the opposite of laugh and had a quarter life crisis questioning all my decisions I’ve made since high school. Maybe I should have chosen Engineering for a major instead of History, maybe I should have went away for school, maybe I should have rearranged my career path slightly and earned a Master’s Degree in Teaching rather than English, or a million and half other maybe’s.
Then I remembered my friends’ words from not too long ago and another dear friend talked me off my cliff of self-doubt. I mean sure I could certainly be in a very different situation than I am now if I had chosen any number of other choices but where’s the laughter in that.
Let’s be honest, my math skills were never great, my friends bailed me out of math and science class throughout high school, so Engineering wouldn’t have worked.
I came close to going away to school; twice actually. Before starting my undergrad, another college pitched a very exciting image for me and then, two other schools made me offers  for graduate school, but I cannot help but think all the crazy awesome people I met and things I did while attending my hometown college.
 Lastly, an alteration of my career path for graduate school was certainly something I entertained but like all the other choices I questioned in the past it is the one I made for better or worse. And that is when I remembered to laugh and boy did I laugh.
My decisions have brought all kinds of interesting experiences and while I may not be in the place I imagined myself being currently, I sure have had plenty of laughs along the journey and there promises to be many more to come.
While the doors of opportunity I originally hoped for may not be open to me, in their place are many more doors that I never even considered and behind each, another adventure. The unknown may be a scary thing but if I learned anything from studying history, it is that history repeats itself so if the events of the last seven years are any indication the future will contain many more adventures and eventually end up with me finding where I belong.
This of course is all possible if I remember to laugh, as should you.

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