Valentine’s Day Brings Warm Wishes & Warm Weather

February 14, the day known as Valentine’s Day, is either hated or loved by most people, generally this depends on whether they are single or coupled up at that time of the year. I think the issue with the holiday is the emphasis of a “Valentine” has been narrowed down to just a significant other and thereby eliminating so many other wonderful valentines for everybody.
But first, a history lesson about the day’s original meaning! (Yes, I’m a history nerd so you should have seen this coming) The day is dedicated to Saint Valentine was a Roman citizen during the 5th century. He was martyred by a Roman Emperor for secretly conducting weddings for Roman soldiers. Folklore says, upon his execution date, Valentine gave his jailer, what amounts to the first valentine; a piece of paper signed “your valentine.” It was not until the 14th century when the idea of “courtly love” arrived creating the start of the romantic holiday we have today.
With that little history lesson in tow, let’s get down to brass tacks about this holiday. While I admit it would be nice to have a significant other to present with a lovely message made of candy hearts (One day I will get to do this), I still have a plethora of other valentines to appreciate today. Honestly, it would take probably take several bags of candy hearts for me to hand out to every person I consider to be a valentine. There are my parents, siblings, friends, the entire Cleveland Indians team, and even my students. (Too bad, I am not teaching this semester. I would have doled out some candy to them. Luckily, I do not think any of them ever read this so they will not know what they are missing!) I even have valentines ready for people I haven’t even met yet.
Valentine’s Day is about love, yes, but it is also about appreciation and relationships of all kinds. So before you mention your membership in the Singles Awareness Club, remember nobody is ever truly single. We all have Valentines, and even if there are no cards, flowers, or candy exchanged, a well-placed hug or candid happy phrase should do just as much for the soul.
One last thing, part of the Valentine’s Day Legend and why it’s strategically placed in the middle of February is all the warm wishes that are emitted today supposedly help to invigorate nature to kick things into gear for spring. Therefore, if you live in an area of the world where you are clearly tired of cold temperatures by now, it behooves you to think happy thoughts because with happy thoughts comes sunshine!
So on this very amorous day I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and leave you with this incredible Valentine’s Day card!

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