Reasons Why It’s CleveLandThatILove

Cleveland, Ohio, often misnamed the “Mistake on the Lake”, is one of the first major cities in the Midwest and as such embodies that Midwestern charm. Once you look past the obvious wear and tear of being a 200-year-old city labeled part of the Rust Belt, there emerges so much life in the area.
The city offers a blend of young and old that gives rise to an eclectic collection of people, places, and things that if you let it, it can enchant you. Cleveland Scene just a few days ago published The Cleveland Bucket List, a list of 100 things every Clevelander must do before they die (or move). As a young person in my mid-20’s, I’ve so far accomplished 22 of these items and in most cases each and every one accompanies a great story that just adds to the legend that is Cleveland.
Some of favorites that I can quickly call to mind are my first visit to Melt Bar & Grilled, you know that saying “your eyes are often bigger than your stomach?” well I never knew the true meaning to that until I ate there. I am proud to say I finished my meal! But truly the food, beer selection, and venue make it a must visit if you consider yourself a Clevelander or a foodie in general for that matter
Getting lost in the Cleveland Museum of Art was another exciting adventure. It is amazing that a museum in Cleveland should have so many amazing pieces of history on display. You can easily travel from the steps of Ancient Greece, to 19th century American, up to modern day in the matter of minutes. Just one little piece of advice, if you have allergies do not visit that day or you might end up testing your reflexes to save an ancient artifact.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most recent of the bucket list items I was able to cross-off was see a playoff game. In a season where I attended a record high 12 Cleveland Indians games, the final one was the most thrilling experience of my life, even though it ended in heartbreak. I had the opportunity to attend the AL Wild Card game between the Indians and Tampa Bay Rays on October 1, 2013. As the first postseason game in Cleveland since 2010 when the Cavs made the playoffs, the city game out in droves to support the Fighting Braves of the Cuyahoga. The stadium on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario was filled to capacity and filled with electricity.
Beyond these, there are so many other amazing aspects of Cleveland just waiting to be explored many of which have been immortalized in movies, TV shows, and most recently on t-shirts made by local companies CLE Clothing Co, Fresh Brewed Tees, and GV Art and Design. Music venues like The Beachland Ballroom, the amazing ways to explore nature and stay active through The Cleveland Metroparks, and all the various historical aspects of the city you cannot go wrong in the 216.

So whether you are a Cleveland native, native of northeast Ohio, or just visiting the city make sure to see as many of these items as you can!




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