Fashion Renaissance

For many people going clothing shopping is something they look forward to every once in awhile. It’s fun to go out and pick up new clothes for a special event or just because, but for me shopping for clothes has always been something of a chore. 
I credit my aversion to shopping to the fact that I just plain do not have fashion sense. I am just comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts never really paying very much attention to how they blend with each other. So when I became older and my friends started to try and teach me some fashion sense it was a long arduous road and one I’m still on but I’m getting better!
I was of the ilk that liked comfortable clothes so for me what it looked like didn’t weigh up as much as how it felt, but I recently found out that in this case I can have my cake and eat it too, with some help from my friends of course. Admittedly, I struggled at first dealing with clothes that were form fitting but eventually after a little while it became just as comfortable as everything else and even with my limited fashion knowledge I could tell things started to look better.
The first of these discoveries was the v-neck tee. I don’t really know why I never liked them but when my friends convinced me to buy one I kind of fell in love. As time goes, I see my closet slowly replacing all the traditional tees with v-necks.  
The biggest boundary I am facing is color schemes and matching of colors. There is some kind of rule with having a color represented in your ensemble so many times to pull it off right but admittedly, I don’t remember what that was. There are certain cases when I can clearly tell two colors don’t go together but many times I’m just as clueless.
This is where I have several folks to thank in their continual education of me in fashion. First off, my friends have been a huge help with this whole learning process. It is still a rough process and there are times on important occasions where I will need advice choosing the right ensemble for me but it is getting better. Men’s Health Magazine has been a big help as well. I have learned a great deal from its pages including how to tie a tie (Yes, I’m a big kid now!).
Finally, there is a fellow blogger that I randomly stumbled upon a while back and although she blogs about many different things, her fashion blogs have been a revelation. In recent weeks I’ve learned about mod clothing, which is quite the interesting and eclectic trend, maxi dresses, I’m still not completely sure on the difference between them and sundresses, and chevron patterns. I encourage you to visit her website and read her stuff because it’s all kinds of wonderful. You can find it here
The world of fashion is a complex place but I realize that with some help and perseverance I should be able to survive all right and who knows maybe one day I’ll actually come out looking okay! I’ve recently coined the hashtag #FashionSenseless on Twitter in regards to my shopping excursions. So if you’re a member of the Twittersphere keep a look out for that to keep up with all my clothes shopping shenanigans.
I’ve been compiling a shopping list of things I need to purchase, some just for everyday wear and others for more important venues like work. I’m determined to create the right professor look, and for that I’ve looked to Ted Mosby for inspiration. Below you’ll find the list of items as it currently stands and I expect it might grow as I learn more. Feel free to leave any fashion tips that might come to mind for me. Believe me any advice helps!
Dave’s List of Fashion Needs

  • Blazer (with or w/o elbow pads?)
  • Vest
  • Oxford dress shoes
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Jeans
  • Chinos
  • V-necks
  • Dress shirt/pants
  • Suspenders maybe?

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