If These Trees Could Talk

The other day I was walking through the park with a friend and as we traversed along the wooded trails, a great sense of nostalgia seemed to overcome us. It was as if there was something in those woods that magically fostered those memories of times gone by.
My only rationalization for the phenomenon is the sense of timelessness that exists in the woods amongst all the trees, leaves, and other assorted items marking the landscape. For all you know that very scene is the same as it was in 1776. Your imagination can run wild thinking about all the things those trees have seen in their lifetime and all this happens without you even being conscious about it.
Combine that sense of timelessness with a sense of adventure and a trip through the woods can take you on a whirlwind of an adventure. Striking out on a trail that you have never been before through thick wooden groves certainly creates a bit of adventure. You have no real idea of where you will end up or what you will discover along the way but it is that exact sense of unknowing that aids nostalgia. As kids growing up every new experience was an adventure, we never knew what to expect and getting lost in the woods is a great way to experience that again.
 A time traveling DeLorean may not exist yet but taking a stroll through the woods is a pretty close replacement for traditional time travel. No doubt, the next time I decide to venture through the park I will once again be greeted with a video montage of my childhood and you know what I look forward to it.

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