Learning How To Be A Godfather

Just a little under two weeks ago, my cousin and his wife gave birth to their first child, a baby girl.  Several weeks before they asked me to be the godfather and of course, I accepted. I was not sure what that role meant but I realized there was an element of trust being shown here and I felt honored to be the recipient. At 23 I don’t necessarily have those child rearing instincts yet ,since I’m still working my way to a career, so kids seem to be one of those down the road (several years) goals.
Last week I finally made my way over to visit after she had just turned a week old. Admittedly, I was afraid of holding here since I seem to be accident prone, but they told me to sit down and they placed her in my arms. At that moment, it really hit me how remarkable human life is. It was hard to fathom that at one time I was that small, it seemed almost unbelievable. For several minutes, I think I sat there in more amazement than she showed once she woke up.
As I sat there looking down at her sleeping I couldn’t help but feel what must be that fatherly instinct stir inside as it became apparent this baby truly is a bundle of joy and even though she isn’t my child I’d do everything I can to help her grow up safe and sound.
 Eventually she woke up and I looked at her eyes taking in the strange scene all around her. I can only equate the feeling to when I step into a place of great historical significance and I just look around awestruck. I find humor in this correlation because it became apparent that we never lose our sense of amazement.
I think now I understand what it means to be a godfather and after meeting my goddaughter, I can wholeheartedly say I look forward to it.

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