Wait…Does Professor Have One F Or Two? Part Two

Before the semester started, I wrote a post about my upcoming job as a college teacher and continued to draw the parallel of myself with Ted Mosby in the process. Five weeks into the semester and that parallel still rings true maybe even more so than I even envisioned if I’m honest. In fact, my students have even taken to calling me Professor Mosby.

Now that we have just finished Week 5, I have really fallen in love with teaching. I wish it was a History class rather than Writing, because let’s face it I’m relatively new to the English world and I think it is fair to say my writing leaves a bit to be desired. For the record, those of you who regularly read my posts, I have to say you truly are all saints!

Going into the first week I had my worries, I have a tendency to talk way too fast when I get excited and most of the time when talking to a group that’s exactly what happens. The thing is I am a very social creature and I love to talk so it really confuses me that I have these issues. I’ve come to find out though that I didn’t really have that problem so much when I started teaching. Sure, from time to time I’ll speed up and have to repeat myself but it has been a much smoother transition than I anticipated and I’m very grateful for that.

Back to the point at hand though, the continuation of the Ted Mosby parallel. My main goal of course as a college teacher is to teach these kids to read and write at the college level and I am doing that but I figured why can’t I do that in a more social environment. My classroom has become a very social place where I think everyone feels comfortable talking and laughing which I think makes for ,on the whole, a much better learning environment. More than that though, I have come off as a very approachable and “real” person to them and I think that helps with the camaraderie. I have even felt inclined to share funny life anecdotes with them, which are usually met with buckets of laughter.

I’ve integrated popular culture into the course, including a discussion that led to Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, an excellent Seussian tale I might add! We’ve discussed music, TV shows, movies, society and even dating. They even know of my undying love for the Cleveland Indians and my uncanny similarities with Ted Mosby.

This is where a funny thing happened…a few of them fashioned the nickname Prof. Mosby, thinking it was a fitting title for their Ted Mosby-esque teacher. Now I am by no means going to complain but it’s just quite funny how this all happened. When I drew the funny comparisons between Prof. Mosby and the professor I wanted to be it was all in good fun but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off.

It turns out five weeks later that is exactly what I turned out to be. So just so I don’t make a mistake….does professor have one F or two?

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