Blind Dating: A Unique Experience

I will be the first to admit blind dating just never seemed like a viable dating option. It always seemed like the awkwardness that would arise between two strangers meeting for the first time would not be conducive to sparking a relationship. You would spend so much time going over the very basics like name, career and other important personal details before you could even move onto topics typically discussed on a date.

Chalk up the fact that before you even meet the person, you don’t actually know who you are meeting although in most cases you’d hope the people setting you up are truly acting in your best interest and you have quite the interesting situation.

For me, all these pre-conceived notions about blind dating were very much how I thought about them and granted I had never been on one so they were assumptions that I had made just on my own. Well, that is the thing about assumptions, they tend to be wrong a lot of time and blind dating is no exception to the rule.

Sure, you are going to be nervous going into it because let us face it you know absolutely nothing about the person you are about to meet. I don’t know about you but I’m not one who really likes surprises, which kind of takes the fun out of life when I think about it but that’s one of the things that I’m currently a work in progress.

That unknowing factor about the other person though is exactly what makes it such an interesting time. You don’t go in with any preconceived notions about the other person meaning that your conversation plays a huge role in whether you two go out again and that is such an amazing benefit to have in the dawn of social media.

Unless you are an extremely social person, talking at first is going to be a little awkward because you two have to get acquainted and all but that’s to be expected. There are ways around this, such as double dating with the couple that set-up the blind date, which is a brilliant idea mind you but in the end it obviously comes down to how the two of you hit it off.

Of course, your feelings about blind dating will obviously depend on how successful the blind date was but I think it has to be one of the last truly genuine ways to meet someone.

I think because of the fact that the conversation you start when meeting somebody is truly organic, that you reveal your best self on a blind date. There is no intent to impress the other person because you have no description to live up to, you are who you are and hope the other person likes you for you.

It may sound cliché, being the moral of every romantic comedy, but don’t we all want to be the stars in our own romantic comedy and you should all know by now my love of How I Met Your Mother, makes that appealing notion for me.


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