The Real Meaning of No-Shave November


MOF032 Movember Foundation Logo - BlackThe month of November is host to the tradition where guys grow out lumberjack-like beards throughout the month. Although there is no one reason or explanation for this tradition, most guys will tell you it is nice to have an excuse to not shave for a month.

I myself have participated in this tradition throughout my time I’ve been able to grow facial hair. It was always a joyful time of the semester when I didn’t have to worry about busting out the razor every few days for a month. In fact, I even think that extra time I saved not shaving I was able to diligently apply to homework. This was my annual tradition until a few years ago when I became aware of a way to put my whiskers to good use other than looking like a lumberjack, and the event is called Movember.

Movember is derived from “No Shave November” the difference lies in that instead of not shaving your entire face for the entirety of the month you just save the moustache. A few young men in Melbourne, Australia coined the term in 1999. Then in 2004, the Movember Foundation was founded and established a worldwide fundraiser where men can grow out their moustaches to raise money throughout the month of November for men’s health awareness.

That first year the fundraiser raised $40,000 but since then the movement has grown exponentially internationally. The growth the foundation has experienced since its inception is evident, as men in over 21 countries have dedicated their moustaches in honor of Movember. Last year alone, the mo-bros and mo-sisters, as participants are called, raised $60 million.


While I’ve participated in the past and believe this is truly a special movement, Movember has grown even closer to my heart since I found out I have to be monitored yearly myself for testicular cancer. But to be clear, Movember supports research dedicated to helping with men’s health in all facets.

As it stands, I am very grateful for my health and as such, I want to put facial hair and good health to good use to raise money. I set a goal to raise a minimum of $100 this November. Along with my facial hair pledge, I promise to walk/run/bike a mile for every $1 donated so please say you’ll help. You can donate money to my cause by visiting this link

Every little bit counts, thank you!


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