The Luck of a Pick-Up Line

Pick-up lines, they can get pretty creative like my all-time favorite “How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh?” but the effectiveness of these unique turn of phrases is very much up in the air. Yet a guy can only hope that one day he’ll find that unique girl who it may just work on. Or even better, the day a girl uses a pick-up line on him. (preferably a Harry Potter themed one) There are even songs, like the infamous Call Me Maybe by Carly Jepsen, that popularize their lyrics into a pick-up line (which for the record I kind of used once and it kind of worked).

Coming from a guy who has a problem talking to girls in general, you would think pick-up lines would be somewhat helpful since they don’t require any thought on my part except repeating the line. Unfortunately just getting that one line out can turn out to be quite the challenge especially when the odds of it being received in anything but a laugh are only slightly better than winning the lottery. I’ve actually debated asking a girl out using signs since that would eliminate my ineptness at talking but then she may think I’m a mute and that’s just kind of awkward when I finally do find the courage to talk.

Therefore, in the practice of having good old-fashioned examples I decided it might be a good idea to just try out a few of these creative one-liners on random college girls and see if they ever stand a chance of working. Well luckily, for me I had the avenue to use pick-up lines on random girls on a college campus and not look like a total creep doing it.

While the vlog was rather entertaining, the moral of the story is that in most cases regardless of the creativity a pick-up line will be met with laughter. Although I will say the last girl I spoke to said the creative ones would work on her because she finds them cute! I’ve been told laughter is a way to a girl’s heart, so maybe they do work after all?


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