Hopeless Romanticism

While working on a paper this afternoon I happened to catch the ending of Say Anything and the iconic scene where Lloyd Dobler holds a boom box outside Diane’s window and blasts a song in a romantic gesture. Now I realize doing something like that is absolutely crazy and probably poses slim to no chance of ever working but maybe it’s that leap of faith that is lacking in today’s love stories. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m sure they exist and certainly there are loads of them in the plethora of romantic comedies that continually appear every year (and yes I am a big fan of romantic comedies!) Nevertheless, I’ve never in my personal experience done or heard of anyone doing that crazy unheard of attempt to try to woo the girl of their dreams. Most of the time we just try the usual dinner, movies, flowers, or other romantically planned date and there’s nothing wrong with these traditional routes.
For some of you who know me well enough you’re aware that I have this sneaking suspicion that I’m the living version of Ted Mosby, so needless to say I’m looking out for that yellow umbrella! But with that in mind, I’m constantly daydreaming of the big romantic gesture like stealing a blue French horn and running to the girl’s apartment or trying to learn how to perform an authentic Native American rain dance in hopes that it may rain and prevent a girl from leaving. Of course, we all know that Ted hasn’t met the mother of his kids yet or we wouldn’t have a new season to look forward to but I anxiously anticipate that momentous occasion whenever it does arrive. What I’ve learned from that show and what I honestly believe is that such minor things such as random yellow umbrella can turn out to play a much bigger role later on. Along with that life lesson, another one that cannot be overlooked is that sometimes these outrageous plans as crazy as they may sound can work.
Nevertheless, enough of my love for How I Met Your Mother and back to the topic at hand, big romantic gestures. I’ve never been one for the extravagant; in fact, when it comes to talking to a girl I like I often have trouble spouting simple sentences, which is always a great first impression. Something like playing a boom box outside a girl’s window is an unfathomable thing for me to do but recently I watched another movie with a motto that really struck home, We Bought a Zoo. In the movie Matt Dillon’s character tells his kids the story of how he came to meet their mother as a random passerby in a coffee shop, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it. ”
And maybe that’s all I need is that twenty seconds to make that huge romantic gesture that may or may not work but one thing is for sure I’m certain that girl will never have another proposal like that. Of course, I’d like to think when I finally decide to make the giant leap of courage and do something embarrassingly brave that it will be to the girl who is the owner of that yellow umbrella!


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