Chivalry: A Lost Art?

Back when I first started this blog, my first post dealt with my assertion that chivalry was in fact not dead. Several months later, I continue to believe chivalry is alive. I have come to realize that it is a lost art in that since so many men have forgotten how to act chivalrous, women’s appreciation for it has also been lost.

I like to think of myself as one of the remaining men who practice the art of chivalry but I have realized that my chivalrous acts may go unnoticed. Nevertheless, I am not the only one I know who I would classify as chivalrous. I know a handful of other guys who continue to uphold the honorary code our gender has been tasked with for many a century. What I have come to find out is that even though chivalry still exists it seems the population has forgotten what an admirable quality it is.

I’ve heard many a girl ask “Where has chivalry gone?” and I want to say “Its right here!” but of course even if I did it would just be met with a laugh or the commonly heard “You’re a great guy and you’ll make some girl very happy.” The problem is that “some” girl does not seem to exist. I attribute the situation to what I call “teddy bear syndrome” where girls like to talk to you, vent and what not but it never crosses their mind to possibly date you. So you see chivalry does exist the problem is that girls do not seem to be able to recognize it anymore. What attracts them more so are other qualities that our society has seemingly made to appear more attractive than the classic gentleman characteristics that define chivalry.

Some say the logical thing is to adapt to modern-day society and pick up the characteristics that today’s youth seems to associate with being a “catch”. Of course that is just something I cannot see myself doing.  Being the history nerd that I am I feel the need to preserve the ways of old and can only hope that I do meet that “some” girl someday and she will indeed recognize the endangered species known as the chivalrous male. There are of course other reasons why I can’t abandon this chivalrous lifestyle and that is its just not the way I was raised and its plain and simply just who I am. Luckily, many of these other chivalrous guys I know have managed to find a significant other that recognizes their unique quality, meaning if there is hope in this small corner of the globe than there is surely a chance for its rediscovery across the world.

Now chivalry does not have to come in the form of a knight in shining armor riding in on his horse to rescue the damsel in distress. Sometimes its the simple act of just holding open all the doors, going out of one’s way to help another, being there whenever needed, and honestly just being an all-around nice person. These may not be grand gestures of romance but its these minor acts of kindness on a regular  basis that separate today’s modern man and the chivalrous man of myth. So ladies looking for your knight in shining armor, contrary to popular belief he does exist.

 In closing, Ladies and Gentleman I would like to state for the record that CHIVALRY IS STILL ALIVE!


One thought on “Chivalry: A Lost Art?

  1. First of all, I would like to thank you and the other chivalrous guys who are still out there for not conforming to what society seems to think are attractive qualities. I know that, personally, those little acts of kindness make all the difference. We notice those things, believe me. I don't know why more girls don't appreciate that quality. Just the simple act of a guy opening a door shows that he respects you as a woman. I also agree with you that girls tend to “friend zone” guys that are actually nice to them. But hey, ask them out, ya never know. Thank you for carrying on the tradition of chivalry. =)


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