A Childhood Dream Come True

My folks told me my first word was Baseball, which if you know me and my obsession with baseball it seems fitting. Growing up my dad raised me on baseball rooting specifically for the Cleveland Indians and I spent countless summer days either listening to a game on the radio or playing in one. I knew all about the game of baseball before I could add and subtract. Even to this day I think baseball might be my most knowledgeable subject.
Just like so many other kids, I dreamed of becoming a major league baseball player but as I got increasingly older, it became pretty evident that I probably wouldn’t make it to the world of professional baseball. Even though this realization was a bummer to my childhood dreams, I was still a devout fan to the sport throughout the years driving my friends crazy in the process when all I ever think about is the score on that night’s game. Fast forward to this past fall when I curiously thought about possibly getting into a major league baseball not from the player route but from media. I started looking into it and seeing what all I’d have to do to break into the field. It started to appear as if it might be a tad hard for a kid who had no journalism background. Luckily I found an intern opportunity with a Cleveland Indians associated blog and I decided to take a shot and send in my resume. Although I had little journalism experience, I think it was my love of baseball that helped me to get the opportunity and become a minor league correspondent covering specifically the Mahoning Valley Scrappers; the Indians’ Single A minor league affiliate.
Within a week of me signing on, I had my first opportunity at being a baseball writer at the Mahoning Valley Scrappers 2012 Media Day. I honestly had no idea what to expect. Upon my arrival they handed me my press pass and ushered me out on the field. Soon after getting out there, the players and coaches wandered out onto the field and I was told feel free to interview whomever I’d like. It was a surreal moment as I was standing in the midst of guys who play baseball for a living and may one day don a major league baseball uniform. After I finished up with the interviews, one of the guys I introduced myself to said, “Welcome to the minors kid!” It was with that note that even though I’m still new to it all I can already tell this is where I belong in the world of baseball!


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