Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

In the movie Hitch, Will Smith’s character advises his clients on how to properly court a woman. He tells them about the 90/10 rule, where at the end of the night if the opportunity presents itself the man should go 90% of the way in for the first kiss and the woman would pick up the last 10%. Now of course this all requires the man to recognize the signal from said woman if a good night kiss is a possibility and this is exactly where it becomes a dangerous guessing game.
Now unfortunately there is no matchmaker like Hitch around, although that would be one very welcomed acquaintance I’d like to make. I have a tendency to miss things that to others lie in plain sight, which is definitely not a welcome deficiency when playing the dating game. Over the past 2 years, I have been on several dates and unfortunately each one has ended on the same note, a nice evening out but never a follow-up. Looking back, I’ve noticed that each of these dates shared a common theme where at the end of the night while saying goodbyes there was a silent pause where I’m not sure if anything was supposed to happen followed by me saying a polite “Goodnight”. With 20/20 hindsight, the wonderful thing that it is, the idea dawned on me afterwards that maybe that would have been the right time to put into action the 90/10 rule but I balked on each occasion. There was even the one night when basically every single sign Will Smith says signals a kiss, the dangling of keys while waiting at the front door happened and again I balked. This is partially attributed to the fact that I’m not even sure if kissing on the first date is something that is supposed to happen, keep in mind guys that I’m a bit old fashioned.
Now the second and even third time it happened, I didn’t think much of it but after happening for a fifth and most recently a sixth time I started to think there has to be something going on here. And this is where I came up with the Kiss on the First Date Curse, as farfetched as it might sound I’m starting to think that even if we have a great date if she’s waiting for a kiss and I balk that effectively ends any chance of a second date. Some say it may just have been a situation where the girl just didn’t like me and that could very well have been the case with a few but there are others who I am actually friends with today which presents the idea that I may had a potential shot and just missed with a kiss. Now I’m hoping that either this so-called curse ends on its own or I finally notice the sign if it presents itself at the end of date either way I get the feeling that this tale has the makings a good romantic comedy and we all know those end happily!

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