The Art of Writing a Wedding Toast

When I was asked by two of my best friends from high school to give a toast at their wedding I of course happily accepted not thinking much of the complexities to it. Fast forward a few months and just days before the wedding and I found myself looking down at the paper with what may have been the toughest writer’s block I’ve ever encountered.
As a guy who has made it through 5 years of college I have obviously given my fair share of speeches but those were all vastly different from this one. First off before tonight the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken to is probably about 20-30, so multiply that by ten and that will be about the amount of people listening to me tonight. However, what makes this the hardest is the actual content of the speech. When writing speeches for class you’re always tweaking your speech so to contain as much info as possible while staying in the time constraints of the professor. The most relieving part of giving an academic speech is that you don’t have to worry about not being entertaining since your speech is purely meant to inform so naturally you will have a few listeners who will drift off during the words.
Meanwhile the wedding toast I’m about to present tonight comes with a totally different set of goals to achieve. There isn’t necessarily a time limit but since everybody will be itching to get the celebrations kick started, the attendants always appreciate a short speech. So this leaves me a compact time frame to give my speech and within that time, I am out to tell the guests a romantic tale about the newlyweds. This is where I had trouble finding a short, sweet but thoroughly engrossing tale to tell in the toast. I wanted to make my words truly encapsulate their relationship and send them off into the married life in the best way I can manage with words. Finally, I found the perfect way to do it! I just closed my eyes and went through a montage in my mind of the happy couple together through the years and all the stories we have to tell. Then I merged them all together into what I hope I will come to find out tonight as a true speech from the heart!

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