Cutest Girls In The World

The Beach Boys in their 1965 hit song “California Girls” claimed that they had been all around the world and each area’s women had their own unique merits but nothing compared to their hometown Cali girls. Now in my 23 years of existence on this planet with all the places I have been I’ve always had the mind that not one area’s women were any hotter than the next (although a girl with a British/Aussie accent does get some added interest). In recent months I have come to change my tune on this view although it is not dependable on a geographical area, more so on a personal interest.
I have grown up being a die-hard baseball fan. Anybody who knows me knows that once March rolls around my head is concerned with little else besides baseball until October/November and the ending of the World Series. I have always told everybody that whomever I marry will of course be the love of my life, but my first love will always be baseball. As fate would have it though I recently made the discovery that there are girl baseball fans and many of them are just as avid fans as me! This has led me to the new conclusion that the cutest girls in the world are in fact female baseball fans! There’s just something amazingly attractive about a girl who can name all 30 major league clubs, tell you what the different stats means, can discuss a team’s successes and struggles, and of course loves heading to a ball game and sitting in the bleachers even through a extra innings contest. 
How I lived the majority of my life not knowing these wonderful girls existed I will never know but I’m glad to know they exist now! It is really a fantastic thought to know that I can share a beloved interest with the opposite sex. When I really think about it, it’s a good thing too because I’m a very similar fan to Jimmy Fallon’s character in Fever Pitch, so hopefully the girl I’m with can handle that kind of love for baseball. Luckily, for me it seems those kind of girls do exist and I am eternally grateful for it.
So if you are a baseball fan like myself and you know a girl who is just as big as a fan as yourself than odds are she radiates awesomeness and is in fact one of the cutest girls in the world!

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