You Are Cordially Invited to Hug A History Major Day

It appears as if we virtually have a day for everything nowadays. In fact, just the other day on March 31 we celebrated National Cleavage Day, now there’s a holiday I never knew existed! The holiday, which was started by the Wonderbra Company in 2002, claimed, “It is a day for women to realize that their cleavage is something unique and that they should be proud of it!” Meanwhile another advocate said, “It gives men a legitimate reason to stare at boobs”. Makes you wonder if men or women are truly behind the creation of this celebration but either way it seems both genders win in the end! 
Nevertheless, I digress National Cleavage Day is not the only one of these uniquely created unofficial holidays that exists. There’s National Hat Day (Jan 15) Singles Awareness Day (Feb 15) Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (Mar 1) Kiss Your Mate Day (Apr 28) Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9) Go Fishing Day (Jun 18) National Nude Day (Jul 14) National S’mores Day (Aug 10) Fight Procrastination Day (Sep 6) Leif Erikson Day (Oct 9) Sadie Hawkins Day (Nov 13) National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Dec 16). There are many more where those came from and believe me can some of them really give you a laugh! At any rate, let us rewind to 2 years ago when I noticed there was an event being broadcast about called Hug a Science Major Day, which I could see as a worthy cause. I mean science majors spend so much time in their labs they are due some human interaction at some point in the day.
It got me thinking though, as a History major, which I think many of you will agree was probably one of the subjects you liked the least in school, we deserve some love too. I mean after all most of our time is spent studying people who are dead! Therefore, I decided to try out an experimental holiday for the world to show some love to History and pinned it for the last Friday of April. The first Hug A History Major Day did amazingly well gaining over 500 attendees! Unfortunately, last year it only garnered 61 attendees, which was a sad showing compared to its inaugural year. So for this years’ event on April 27, I am hoping that with a little extra campaigning and help from you guys we can get it back up this year! Now just in case you guys are confused on what the day stands for, you don’t have to be a history major to attend but just have a general interest in some facet of history whether its clothes, movies, literature, or music basically everything has ties to history. And I promise you history may have seemed boring back in school but in reality, it really can be fun demonstrated in the right way!
Il Bacio by Francesco Hayez

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