How a Blog Changed My Life

I entered this fall semester getting ready to start my first semester of graduate school on route to my Master’s degree in History and eventually afterwards a PhD. What transpired by the end of the semester is beyond anything I could have ever thought of and it all starts with this simple blog, which if you’re reading this I appreciate you taking the time to do so!

We often hear discussion of the collegiate world and how in many cases students will end up changing their major at least once in the course of their studies. I indeed helped to bolster that assumption as a few weeks into my first semester of undergrad I changed my major from Education to History. I was excited about the change and the prospect of one day becoming a History professor myself and it was this excitement that helped to propel me to earn my degree in a 4-year period. During my senior year, I spent a large chunk of the preceding summer and fall working on my graduate school applications carefully selecting programs that I felt had a History program that best fit my interests.

Spring semester arrived and I finally started to receive my fair share of acceptance letters and a few rejections along with it. By late April as I was wrapping up my undergraduate career, I had confirmed my seat in a Master’s program at the University of Akron never once doubting my chosen career goals. The following fall arrived and I dived into graduate school and it turned out to be a different animal than my undergraduate career. The strange thing was from the increased demand of reading and writing, I developed a sense of writing creativity and so I decided to start up this blog, not knowing that this would come to play a much larger role in my life than I expected.

Meanwhile the semester rolled on, and as I continued to churn out assignments things started to change for me, and the luster History once held in my mind was beginning to develop tarnish. Now don’t get me wrong I still love History but the idea of History academia has for whatever reason lost its attractiveness it once held to me throughout these past 4 1/2 years. What replaced it was an affinity for creative writing, I found myself wanting to finish my assignments for the week just so I could work on another blog post! It was a strange feeling for most of my life I was never a huge fan of writing and if you ask anyone from high school about my writing skills, you will get a good laugh. Now I can’t be sure if my writing is much better now than it was then, I mean it sounds pretty grand to me but for all I know you may be falling asleep while reading this (although I hope not!)

At any rate, I find it a very sudden act of happenstance in which the act of writing a simple blog for stress relief could in fact lead to a career change as it has for me. And so as my career as a Historian has for the time being stalled, there is no telling I may rediscover my love again for sometime down the road. Another great part of this whole thing is that for once I don’t necessarily have it all planned out, there is this sense of “anything can happen” over my future and I am thrilled with the idea of this unknown. Life as they say is an adventure and what fun is an adventure if you have it all planned ahead of time, after all half the fun of the adventure is getting there!


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