When I Grow Up I Want to Be…

We all grew up with our dream careers whether it was astronaut, president, star athlete, actor, or some other awesome sounding job. And generally, as we grew older we slowly began to realize that those dream jobs of ours may not be what we want but more so just a childhood fantasy, whether or not we could actually achieve them is another story. Of course, even if what we dreamed of doing was quite out of the feasible realm of possibility our parents always assured us that “anything is possible”. As we grow older and travel through the upper levels of school, we start to finally realize our subject niche and as we approach high school graduation and prepare to enter the university world, we really start to think about what we want to do with our lives.

For me my dream career although I’m nowhere closer to where I was to achieving it when I first developed the idea is still alive. It all dates back to opening day of Jurassic Park. My mother decided to take me to see it as a birthday present. Needless to say for a 4 year old that movie was really scary back in the day so I’m sure I had my fair share of screams but something strange happened I became enamored with dinosaurs. From then on, I always had this idea of becoming a paleontologist. Fast forward a few years later and upon the first time seeing Indiana Jones I fell in love with the idea of being an archaeologist. Being the inventive kid that I was I decided that I could go to college for archaeology/paleontology and get the best of both worlds since they both involved digging in the dirt!

Well as you can see things turned out quite different as I’m now a graduate student in History but I did end up minoring in Archaeology. Turns out archaeology and paleontology are quite different, who would have thought! Another problem was not many schools have paleontology programs since it is not exactly an in demand field. Nevertheless, who knows maybe one day I can go back for a degree in paleontology or archaeology either way there both still interests of mine. So basically, what I’ve come to realize is just because something may have been a childhood fantasy for you doesn’t necessarily mean when you reach adulthood you have to let it go!


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