The Story of the Cupcakes

It started off like any other Monday morning in the Akron Archives, my coworker Kevin and I were just doing our usual looking at old photographs and writing extremely colorful metadata descriptions so that the world could know every aspect of the Goodyear company. Around noon we both began to feel hungry and had heard of this of mythical cupcake shop in Akron and so we set off to find it. Now these cupcakes are no ordinary cupcakes they which is what makes them worth the chilling journey through the streets of a windy Akron downtown.
Upon first look this little cupcake shop, Caroline’s Cupcakes, looks like nothing special as its located in a small shop with a very quaint plain decor. Set in the back of the store is a small little display case with several delicious varieties of cupcakes placed inside labeled with intriguing flavors like Sweet Caroline, Pumpkin Roll, Chocoholic, Wedding Bells, and of course my favorite, Peanut Butter Surprise, and if your wondering what the surprise is unfortunately I can’t tell you or it would ruin the surprise!
These cupcakes just have a way to warm your heart and soul with their sweetness and best of all give you a renewed energy to get through the day. Down in the archives where coworkers make a big difference between passing out via boredom and staying awake and being productive these cupcakes provided a burst of conversation, not that were ever lacking any when you have a brilliant mind like Kevin working with you. It was a needed boost for that day since we were missing one of our usual coworkers, Devan, who always provides us with a third voice of reason. Quite possibly our best ever conversation came as a product of these magically delicious cupcakes…
Me: “I finished another box today see I am an integral part of the team!”
Kevin: doing some calculations…”you finished like .5% of the entire project”
Me: “way to make me feel important”
Kevin: “well how valuable do you think you are?”
Me: “i’d say about $50/hr, how about you?”
Kevin: “my time is free”
Me: “so you’re free to use like a library?”
Kevin: “umm yea i suppose you could say that.”
So if you find yourself in downtown Akron and feeling a tad hungry check out Caroline’s Cupcakes and I promise you’ll love it and you may even stumble upon a great conversation while your at it!

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